Monthly Archives: October 2008

Top 100 iPhone App Lists Now Available

I’ve turned on a new page: Top 100 lists for both paid and free apps. What’s neat is it tracks the rankings on a daily basis and gives relative changes for each app as well as peak rating and # of days on the chart. I only have historical data for the past 19 days… Read more »

Multiple Screenshots Now Available

Still working on some other features, but I managed to release a small one tonight. App pages now have multiple screenshots from the App. This primarily is true for new updates, so if you search, apps that haven’t been updated for a while may not have all screenshots shown. But all the new ones have… Read more »

Most Popular New iPhone Apps: Oct 20-27th

This list doesn’t represent popularity in terms of sales (we don’t have access to that information) but in terms of attention that they draw on this site. This should be obvious when you see the most “popular” app is a $899.99 app that clearly just piqued the curiosity of a lot of people. Most Popular… Read more »

Temporary Pause on Updates

We’re doing some upgrades and maintenance on the site tonight (Sat, October 25th), so you may not see updates for a long period of time (hours). Don’t worry, they are being recorded, but will show up all at once later in the evening (if all goes well). We have a number of features that have… Read more »

Most Popular New iPhone Apps: Oct 13-20th

We’ve received a lot of suggestions, and just wanted to let you know that most of them are in the works in one form or another. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, it’s just been slow to come. In the meanwhile, here’s an interesting list of the most popular new apps from… Read more »

App Store Taking a Holiday?

No need to adjust you settings, the App Store seems to have taken Sunday off. Maybe it’s due to the holiday weekend, but the App Store is uncharacteristically quiet today, with no new Apps, no App Updates or Price Changes being reflected in the store. It’s not like this every Sunday. Last Sunday we saw:… Read more »

Welcome to

Welcome to This is a project that we’ve been working on for the a number of weeks. The site exists to track all activity in the iTunes App Store and to provide you an easy way to find new Apps and discounts. We cut out a lot of the features from the first release… Read more »